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The SwissPRTR Platform serves the collation of data concerning pollutant releases and transfers by the facilities subject to reporting requirement under the PRTR Ordinance (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register)
This platform is operated by the Federal Office for Environment (FOEN), which makes it available to the Cantons and to facilities for decentralised data acquisition.
The data entered by facilities must be validated by the Canton within whose jurisdiction they lie. After this, the information will be further validated by the federal authority before being published.
Since the SwissPRTR is a platform for the registration of site-specific data, it does not include any analytical tools allowing to consolidate the data concerning subsidiary facilities at the level of the parent company. If required, there is the option to export the data of the individual subsidiaries to Excel and to consolidate them manually.
The use of the platform SwissPRTR is described in the user guide that can be found on the homepage in the documentation section.
To be able to use all the functions of the SwissPRTR Platform, the pop-up window application must be activated.
  Menu bar  
  The upper menu bar allows you to access the forms and functions corresponding to your user rights. Access to some menus is restricted to specific users, such as system administrators. Generally, a click on a menu reveals the pages you have access to.
  Here you can choose the working language, i.e. English, German, French or Italian.
  Also check the standard language saved in your profile (Menu My ProfileLanguage drop-down list box).
  The specific Help Text for each form can be viewed by clicking on the Help menu of each page.
  Sorting data
  All data are displayed as tables. So, for example, if you wish to sort a list of facilities alphabetically by parent company, you need only click on the corresponding column title. A further click on this column title inverts the sorting order.
  Note: empty fields and special characters precede the letter A.   Facilities for which the information is not defined or is preceded by a special character are shown first.
  This function allows you to send an email to the PRTR-platform support service.   A click on the email link located at the bottom of the screen opens an email, with the support address in the recipient field. All you have to do is enter your question.
  Navigating through pages
  If the list you selected contains more than one page, you may access the information on the other pages by clicking on the symbols at the bottom right of the table. To display an entire list on a single page, check the “Show as list” box on the bottom left of the table.
  The search bar above each list allows you to search for entries by means a word or part of a word. The search may also be refined with the help of the drop-down lists.
  If no input is received for 20 minutes, the connection to the platform will be closed down automatically, for security reasons (Session Timeout).
Standard Operations (only for users with the appropriate access privileges)
Below you will find the most important symbols for managing the data on the platform.   The functions are normally identical on all the forms.
  To edit an entry, click on . This will open a new window, where you can update the information.
  To delete an entry click on  . For safety reasons, the programme asks you to confirm this operation. It is possible that an entry cannot be deleted, because other data are linked to it. It this case, the symbol remains visible, but is deactivated.
  To create a new entry, you must generally simply click on the appropriate button placed below each form.

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